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We focus on the common threads of all religious and spiritual practices rather than the differences.



This Sunday we will welcome back Kathleen Rehling and Paul Esch. Kathleen will speak to us about “New Beginnings,” and isn’t this the season which most beautifully illustrates the resurrections in our lives, in our spirits, and in the world around us? Paul will be providing his amazing music and song. I’m always hopeful of his teaching us a new song to sing along. Those tunes reverberate in my heart all the following week.


Upcoming  Sunday Service Speakers

April 2 - Lisa Ezzard
April 9 - Mark Stein and Randy Doster



Monday, March 27, the Qigong class led by Kathleen Rehling will resume. Meet at the Chapel at 5:30 to find the meditative, healing benefit in this ages old Chinese health-restoring practice. Benefit from Kathleen’s more than 20 years of experience in Qigong.



If you are interested in beginning a personal meditation program or simply wish to enhance your current practice, here is an opportunity that has come to my attention.

The Chopra Center is offering another of their free 21 day online meditation experiences beginning April 10th. The theme is “Hope in Uncertain Times.” Garnett and I take advantage of each of these free meditations, and have found them to be excellent.

For information and to sign up go to experience@chopracentermeditation.com.


Our grounds around the Chapels are alive with new growth. Native plants along with less desirable interlopers are poking their waking faces up toward the sunlight. This signals a time to begin again the care of this special place that we have been blessed to be the caregivers of.

Led by our knowledgeable gardeners, Joyce Oliver and Crowe Capps, this group will meet Saturday, March 25, to “love up” (the translation of the Norwegian word Opelske) the plants that call Wayfarers home. Put on your gardening gloves and join us from 10 – 12. It’s a time of Opelske for plants and people.



Would you like to spend an afternoon getting acquainted with the many species of native plants on our campus? Joyce Oliver has generously offered to lead a ‘wildflower walk’ for us. If you are interested in taking part in this, please let Joyce or me hear from you. We’ll select a date when the plants are at their viewing best.



On April 23, Armand and Angelina will return to present our Sunday morning service. Following that at 12:30 pm they will offer a Native Flute Playshop. On Monday evening they will perform in a “New Thought Musical Variety Show” at 6:30 pm.

Many of you probably attended and enjoyed their previous service and, perhaps like me, began learning a little flute playing. I’m ready for a tune-up. Armand is a master of the Native Flute and Angelina has a magical singing voice (think Disney princess-like).

June 25th will mark the return of Acoustic Eidilon. These amazing world class musicians have been with us once before, and we are so pleased to be able to announce their return performance. More information and tickets will be available very soon. Their previous time at the Chapel was wonderful, so many folks are already inquiring about tickets. Don’t miss this special opportunity.

With the coming of warm weather, we will soon see the beginning of Sunday afternoon “Deck Concerts.” A variety of musicians will participate in this informal concert time which will be open to one and all.


We are preparing for a special Easter Service which will include seasonal music, an opportunity to share in the sacrament of communion and a butterfly release. We want this day of celebrating the time of rebirth, renewal and spiritual resurrection to be uplifting and meaningful for each of you. As always, all people are welcome, so bring a friend or family member if you like. Come early and enjoy coffee and fellowship prior to the service.



Remember that the Board always welcomes your input. Their contact information is: Dee Daley (404-219-8109) deedaley@yahoo.com , Marie Dunkle (770-335-0967) mdunkle@mindspring.com, Garnett Nash (706-782-7234) gwnash@aol.com. Joyce Oliver (828-200-9160) joyousmo22@gmail.com.



You can catch up on news from the Chapel, read the newsletter, watch videos of Sunday talks, make donations, and other options. It’s a great resource. We are changing and updating constantly. Be sure you take advantage of this resource.



The Board has done an amazing job of arranging for an incredible list of upcoming speakers, musicians and varied programs for the Chapel. Stay tuned here and on the website as more and more announcements are made. Let the Board know that we appreciate the hard work, time and love they have devoted to Wayfarers Unity in this our first year of a lay-led ministry. Their commitment and your prayerful support has seen our Chapel flourish. Let us give thanks and rejoice!


This excerpt from the late Wayne Dyer’s writings came to me in an email this morning. As I read it, still in the early morning light with birds announcing spring’s arrival with their most beautiful symphony, the idea of peace became very tangible to me. These wisdom words are just too good not to share, so they are my gift of peace to you this week.

“Peace isn’t something you ultimately receive when you slow down the pace of your life. Peace is what you’re capable of being and bringing to every encounter and event in the waking moments of your life. Being peaceful is an inner attitude that you can enjoy when you’ve learned to silence your incessant inner dialogue. Being peaceful isn’t dependent on what your surroundings look like. It seldom has anything to do with what the people around you think, say, or do. A noiseless environment isn’t a requirement.

St. Francis’s famous prayer says it better than I can: “Make me an instrument of your peace.” In other words, St. Francis wasn’t asking God to provide him with peace. He was asking for guidance to be more like the peace he trusted was his Source. Being peace is different from looking for peace.

This principle isn’t about merely choosing tranquil thoughts when you’re feeling frayed and anxious. I suggest picturing a container deep within yourself out of which all your thoughts flow. Inside of this container, at its very center, imagine a candle flame. You need to make a commitment that this flame in the center of the container holding all your thoughts will never, ever even flicker. Focus on keeping the flame steady although the very worst may go before you. This is your container of peace, and only peaceful thoughts can fuel the burning candle. You don’t need to change your thoughts as much as you need to learn to be an energy of peace lighting the way and attracting serene, harmonious thoughts and beings. In this way, you’ll become a being of peace.

“Inner peace can be reached only when we practice forgiveness.”
~ Gerald G. Jampolsky

Remember that as a being of peace, you make a huge impact on those around you. It’s almost impossible to be totally stressed out in the presence of someone who has opted to be peace. Peace is a higher and faster energy—when you’re being peace, just your presence alone will often nullify the uneasiness and tension in those around you. The secret of this principle is: Be the peace and harmony you desire. You cannot get it from anything or anyone else.

In essence, when your higher self is present, it always promotes peace. If you have a question about whether it is your ego or your higher self-speaking, the answer becomes obvious when you ask yourself, “Will this bring peace or turmoil to my life?” Most importantly, peace is not found in being right or being hurt or being angry. Peace will come to you when you are a healer rather than a judge.”

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti! Peace Now and Evermore (“Now Peace Begins with Me.”)


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“Divine love thru me blesses and multiplies all that I have, all that I give and all that I receive.”