Wayfarers Unity Newsletter

We focus on the common threads of all religious and spiritual practices rather than the differences.



We are blessed to have the privilege of hearing Tom Tyre speak this Sunday. Welcome back Tom and Andy!! Tom’s topic is “Big Magic: Creative Ideas and Other Imaginary Creatures.”

Tom writes, “We all sometimes wish we could be the creative person who writes that great short story or poem or who paints an interesting watercolor or who builds a unique birdhouse or garden trellis or grows the perfect garden. But when we try to come up with original ideas, we’re drawn up short and decide to leave it to the pros. We’ll investigate “Big Magic” – the creative process. 

Andy will team up with Tom to share some of their creative, magical music. 



Don’t miss the first in our summer series of Second Sunday Afternoon Concerts. This Sunday, June 11 at 1:30 we will be entertained by “Silly Ridge Roundup,” a highly acclaimed foursome from the Highlands area. Their music is a mix of traditional bluegrass, classic old time and popular tunes. Marie Dunkle will join in the concert with them.

Bring a picnic, all the family, and enjoy an entertainment-filled afternoon in the beautiful woodland setting that is Wayfarers Unity’s home. All are invited, so tell your friends and neighbors. Directional signs will be strategically placed to guide you to the Chapel.



Please join Carol Christa and Kathleen Rehling each Sunday morning from 9:15 – 9:45 for Meditation in Rose-Mary’s Chapel. As you know, meditation has been shown to offer many benefits to your health – physical, emotional, and spiritual. If you are new to meditation, please arrive at 9:00 to have your questions answered and receive support in beginning this important practice.



Kathleen and Carol will be offering a second Energetic and Emotional Clearing Workshop due to the large response to the one held in May. The date is Tuesday, June 20 from 9:30 – noon. The workshop is both fun and informative. Dress comfortably and plan to laugh and learn. A $20 donation is suggested.



Special Notice…Do you have your tickets yet? They are going fast!! The much anticipated return of Acoustic Eidolon is getting closer. The concert will be on Sunday June 25 at 2:00. The cost for this world class performance is only $15 per person. Reservations are now being taken. If you purchase tickets prior to the concert, you will receive guaranteed seating. 

We anticipate a sold out performance, so act now, to be sure you are part of this special event. You may reserve your space by cash or check (made out to Acoustic Eidolon.) Any member of the Board can take your reservation. The Board members are listed below with their contact information. 



A new addition to our wonderful music program, “Second Sunday Afternoon Concert and Picnic Series at Wayfarers,” will kick off on Sunday, June 11 at 1:30. The first featured band will be Silly Ridge Roundup, a group from the Highland’s Area. This concert series is free and open to the public. You may bring a picnic or snack, sit by the river and listen to great music. More specifics will be in the upcoming newsletters. And as always, everyone is welcome to join us. Tell your friends and neighbors.



Remember that the Board always welcomes your input. Our contact information is:

Dee Daley (404-219-8109) deedaley@yahoo.com

Marie Dunkle (770-335-0967) mdunkle@mindspring.com

Garnett Nash (706-782-7234) gwnash@aol.com

Joyce Oliver (828-200-9160) joyousmo22@gmail.com 



The Qigong classes led by Kathleen Rehling meet at the Chapel each Monday at 5:30. 



The Hatha yoga class meets each Wednesday from 5:00-6:15. These gentle yoga classes, led by Dana Thiele, are suitable for folks on all levels of practice, from beginner to experienced. As always all are welcome, so bring your mat and an interested friend.



Do you ever just feel sad? No reason, no event, no circumstance seems to be the catalyst…just an awareness of “sad” slipping up from some deep inside spot. The strong need to cry; tears pressing hard against the back of your eyelids and begging to be released. 

That was the emotion which greeted me this morning. (Not my choice of ways to start my day.) My first reaction was “what is making me sad?” But try as I might to answer this question, the answers that I offered myself, didn’t satisfy. All is well with my life; all components are at peace and in harmony. I lack for nothing. 
After a time of puzzling over this surprise condition, I backed off from the blame game…that thing, that person, that event made me sad. Instead I decided to surrender into the emotion of sadness; to let it do the work it came to do.

I began by acknowledging it, noticing it - “Ah ha, I’m feeling sad.” and “This is what sad feels like.” I am especially proud of the next action I took, I did not attach to this sad feeling. I did not take on the sad identity. I did not beat myself up for what I deemed to be the experiencing of a negative emotion! Yea, Mimi!!! 

I disallowed any dualistic thinking. I did not compartmentalize the sad sensation into a good or bad file. I let it be. I didn’t fight the tears, but let them trickle down my cheeks and drip off my chin. It felt good, and it was over and gone. Do you think that maybe my tear reservoir was full, and the level needed to be lowered a bit? Actually, there was much more to it than lowering the tear level. 

Something I read recently by one of my spiritual teachers, spoke of the need to surrender; to allow grace to carry you. This requires stepping away from the ego (False Self) and drawing closer to the True Self (or soul if you like). It means you release the need to control and the need to be right which the domain of the ego is. 

This seemed to be the message that sad was trying to bring to my awareness this morning. It turned out to be an exercise in surrender. I was able to detach, to take on the role of observer and acknowledge my feeling without holding on to it, trying to bend it, shape it, and form it into something it wasn’t. 

When any challenge steps up in front of us, view it for what its real purpose is. Observe it, acknowledge its presence and let it go about its transformational work of bringing you more into the presence of your True Self. 

Detach, release and surrender…let it work its magic for you. 

Wayfarers Unity Chapel is entirely supported by free-will offerings. We are richly blessed by the people in our fellowship who give, and we are grateful for your gifts. If you would like to contribute financially to support this ministry, please place your love offering in one of the donation baskets at the Chapel entrance.

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“Divine love thru me blesses and multiplies all that I have, all that I give and all that I receive.”