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THIS WEEK AT THE CHAPEL - April 18, 2017


This week we are in for a special treat. The musical duo, Armand and Angelina will be presenting the morning service featuring an inspirational message and uplifting music. These two are touring musicians with a wonderful classical pop sound with vocals, guitar and Native American Flute. 

They will conduct a Native American Flute workshop Sunday afternoon from 12:30 – 2:30. There is a $20 per person charge for those attending. You don’t have to be a musician to benefit from this class. If you have a flute, you may bring that, or use one of the ones which will be provided. As a former participant in one of these fun workshops, I can attest to the helpful instruction you will receive. 



Armand and Angelina will present a free concert (love offering gratefully accepted) Monday, April 24th at the Chapel beginning at 6:00 pm. All are invited, and you are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and bring your friends to enjoy this special evening of excellent entertainment.



The Qigong classes led by Kathleen Rehling will not meet next week (April 24th) - due to the 6:00 concert at the Chapel. The practice will resume the next Monday.


Yoga For Everyone

On Wednesdays from 5:00 to 6:15 Dana Thiele leads a gentle “Hatha Yoga” group. Bring your mats, other props you may have and join in. These classes are suitable for folks on all levels of practice, from beginner to experienced. As always all are welcome, so tell your friends.

If you have questions, or need more information contact Dana at tigerdana@windstream.net (PS There is no more perfect spot that I can think of to practice yoga than the setting of Wayfarers Unity Chapel!)


Once again you will have an opportunity to participate in a silent meditation time prior to the 10:00 service. Kathleen Rehling and Carol Christa will be facilitating this starting on April 30. If you are a beginning meditator, and want a little introduction to this practice, arrive at 9:00 for this support. 
The meditation will be from 9:15 – 9:45. You will be able to explore a variety of techniques to support your personal practice. Kathleen and Carol are providing this service, and any donations received will go to Wayfarers Unity. 

I know that many of you have expressed a need for this meditation time on Sunday mornings, and we are pleased to have it back in place for you.



On Saturday, May 6, from 10:00 – noon, Kathleen Rehling and Carol Christa will conduct a workshop on Energy and Emotional Healing. A donation of $25 is suggested. The workshop is limited to 8 people, so if you wish to take advantage of this special experience, please register with Kathleen at 912-222-3996 or kathyrehling1@hotmail.com.

What a blessing Kathleen, Carol, and Paul Esch have been to Wayfarers! That they have offered their spiritual gifts to us is so very much appreciated. 


Remember that the Board always welcomes your input. Their contact information is: Dee Daley (404-219-8109) deedaley@yahoo.com , Marie Dunkle (770-335-0967) mdunkle@mindspring.com, Garnett Nash (706-782-7234) gwnash@aol.com. Joyce Oliver (828-200-9160) joyousmo22@gmail.com.



You can catch up on news from the Chapel, read the newsletter, watch videos of Sunday talks, make donations, and other options. It’s a great resource. We are changing and updating constantly. Be sure you take advantage of this resource.

I am still basking in the afterglow from Easter Sunday. Our service at Wayfarers Unity Chapel was a wonderful celebration of Easter in our Unity traditions, and how gratifying it was to have such a large number of folks joining together for this happy morning. I think I speak for all who were there when I say that the butterfly release which concluded the service as we gathered on the deck to bless these little jewel-like messengers of rebirth and renewal was the highlight of the Easter Morning. 

I want to thank the Board of Directors for their support of this desire of mine to have a butterfly release. They are very, very careful about our expenditures, but there was no question when requested, that this expense was important. I send these dear folks a special vote of thanks. What a marvelous job they do for us! We are not all aware of the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes, but I can assure you that it takes many, many hours of selfless and dedicated work to the ministry that we all share in.

My little family – daughters, granddaughters and son-in-law came to be with me and Garnett on Easter and see what their old momma had to say from the “pulpit.” They were kind, and loved (as always) being in the beautiful surroundings of the Chapel. My daughter, Michelle, is an amateur photographer, and she loves to take pictures on our beautiful grounds. I hope she will share some that I can pass along to you via our website.

You may remember that I wrote about my new treasure – a dining room table that will seat my whole family. Well, we returned home after Chapel to inaugurate this new family member, whom I hope will live on for many more generations. She seemed to me to be pleased to have us gathered ‘round her, enjoying our special Easter feast…ham, potato salad, and all the other typical Southern trimmin’s. It was a joint effort. 

Does your family do this? After we were all stuffed, my daughters and I began reminiscing (while others cleaned up the kitchen!)…This particular Sunday’s recalling was about all the homes we had lived in; the favorites (with special details recalled) and the not so favorite ones, “Mom, why did you and Dad buy that one???” 

This kind of time together is special glue that binds us one to the other. We retell stories of the birth of each child, and each grandchild. I think it is a way of affirming our Love, our histories, our deep, deep undying connection.

If God asked me what I valued most in the life He gave me, I’d have to say that while there are many, many, many things I value, the greatest gift of all is my family. The plan that allowed us to reproduce is way beyond any gift I can imagine. I am convinced that God wanted us to experience first-hand the unconditional love which is that brand of love that comes from God to all of Creation. How else could we have ever understood such a magnificent concept if we had not the offspring to illustrate it clearly for us?

Oh, yeah. The plan of creation is perfect in every way. I am thankful.

I hope that your memories of this Easter are as rich, pure and savory as mine are. Please don’t think that our family is without the warts and frailties of every other family. My point is that we are all perfect in the eyes of God. And we are all blessed and loved by the life force, power, and reality that is the source of what we are.


Wayfarers Unity Chapel is entirely supported by free-will offerings. We are richly blessed by the people in our fellowship who give, and we are grateful for your gifts. If you would like to contribute financially to support this ministry, please place your love offering in one of the donation baskets at the Chapel entrance.

*Now you may donate on line clicking here and selecting the “Donate Now” option.

Tax deductible donations may also be mailed to Estatoah Wayfarers Chapel, PO Box 474, Dillard, GA 30537. There are self addressed envelopes at the Donation Center which may be used to mail your gift.

“Divine love thru me blesses and multiplies all that I have, all that I give and all that I receive.”