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THIS WEEK AT THE CHAPEL - October 16, 2017


Dee Daily will deliver our message this week. Her topic is “The Science of Successful Living.” Dee will tell us how you can change every situation in your life for the better once you have decided to do it and to seek a spiritual means of doing it.

MUSIC - Laura Dendy will take the lead Sunday in our music program. Laura does a splendid job each week providing our prelude music. How grand to have her front and center! I just bet we’ll all be joyfully singing together!



Kathleen Rehling delivered a terrific message this past Sunday expanding on the significance of the phrase “I AM.” She suggests some “h- om work” for us to do this week:

“I AM is God in action”…Emmet Fox. Whatever words follow “I AM” will create your experience; because your subconscious believes everything you think and say.

We may be guilty of using words like “I am so tired.” Change this to a conscious statement: “I notice my body is requiring more rest.” Then try taking it to a superconscious level affirming your Divinity or TRUE Self: “I AM full of energy, health and clarity.” Or “I AM a Divine being expressing health, wisdom and fulfillment now.”

I’ll challenge you to try this, as I am doing, for one week. Use positive affirmations beginning with I AM. Let’s be aware of the changes we experience. Maybe even try keeping a little journal to record your progress.



The Hatha Yoga group meets on Wednesdays at 5:00 pm under the leadership of Dana Thiele. All are welcome

Qigong meets on Mondays from 5:45 - 6:45 pm. You are welcome no matter what level of proficiency you have.

Both Yoga and Qigong are donation only activities. A general suggestion is $7 per class…but never let that prevent you from participating. It is a suggestion, but not a requirement.



Notice from the Board:
Our annual members meeting will be on November 12 immediately following the service. There will be a report on the Chapel budget and finances as well as a report on the past year’s accomplishments and improvements planned for 2018. More information will be forthcoming.

An email from the Board with details concerning this important day in the life of Wayfarers Unity will be coming your way in the next few days. Watch for it, and make plans to be an active participant in the decision making process of your spiritual home. You are the heart and soul of this ministry.



Remember that the Board always welcomes your input. Our contact information is:

Dee Daley (404-219-8109) deedaley@yahoo.com

Marie Dunkle (770-335-0967) mdunkle@mindspring.com

Garnett Nash (706-782-7234) gwnash@aol.com

Joyce Oliver (828-200-9160) joyousmo22@gmail.com 



This morning as I read the several inspirational messages, with which I begin my day, I was especially struck by this piece written by Cynthia Bourgeault. It is composed from her reflections on Christian mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.
Somehow these thoughts filled a big need for me, and I decided it was important enough that I would share it with you. I offer it with the desire that this “Deep Hope Flows Over Deep Time” meditation will offer you the comfort it did me.

“Teilhard reminds us that deep hope flows over deep time. From his perspective as a geologist and paleontologist, Teilhard reassures us that evolution has not changed direction; it has always been and always will be ‘a rise toward consciousness.’ But rather than the very small snapshots represented in our short lifetimes, evolution’s span is measured in eons, not decades. When we lose sight of the cosmic scale, the result is anguish and impatience.

If we measure human progress only by our usual historical benchmarks—the span of a presidential administration, the not-yet 250 years of the American democratic experiment, or the “mere” 2,500 years of Western civilization—we are still only catching the smallest snippet of the inevitable process of what Teilhard calls tatonnement, or ‘trial and error,’ part of the necessary play of freedom on its way to new combinations and creativity.

Teilhard affirmed that even the emergence of human consciousness itself, as it reached its present configuration 125,000 years ago with the stunning debut of homo sapiens [current estimate is 200,000 years], followed a 10,000-year ice age, in which it appeared that all that had been gained prior to that point was irreversibly lost. It wasn't. Paleontological discoveries reveal that humans kept and refined their skills of using fire and making tools—providing unmistakable evidence that even when hidden by ice and apparent desolation, the evolutionary journey was still unperturbedly marching forward.

“Deep hope” is not, however, an excuse to relax our vigilance in stewardship for the planet Earth. Teilhard does not permit himself to be used that way; his sense of the oneness of the world pervades everything he sees and writes. But he realizes as well that Creation has an intelligence and a resilience that meets us far more than halfway. Over the millennia our planet has endured meteor strikes, the rise and fall of sea levels, ice ages, the continual shifting of tectonic plates, the appearance and disappearance of species.”

In summary Bouregeault says that “…our real task at this evolutionary cusp is not to lose sight of what is coming to us from the future:(which is) the vision of our common humanity that is indeed ‘groaning and travailing’ to be born (Romans 8:22).”

I send wishes to you for a peaceful and joyful week ahead.


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