Wayfarers Unity Sunday Talks

A collection of our Sunday Talks videos

What I Learned from the Teachings

Dee Daily - 20:26


Mary Vaughn - 20:53

St. Francis, Beyond Birdbath

Mimi Nash - 26:46

Chair Yoga

Dana Theile - 28:22


Marie Dunkle - 19:06


Kathleen Rehling - 30:00

Finding Solid Ground in the Shifting Sands of Chaos

Marie Dunkle - 19:05

Memorial Day Service 2017

Dee Daily - 17:04

Enough Already

Joyce Oliver - 15:39

Unity Principles

Brenda Strickland - 32:10

Mother's Day 2017

Kathleen Rehling | Divine Motherly Love - 25:26

Going to Jerusalem

Rev. Randy Doster, Rev. Mark Stein - 19:31

Resurrection as a Spiritual Practice

Mimi Nash Easter 2017 - 19:20

My Forest My Home

Marie Dunkle - 25:59

Thoughts Become Things

Mimi Nash gives this Sunday Talk at Wayfarers Unity. Running time 31:08

The Divine Brushstroke of God

Beth Loveland delivers a wonderful Sunday Talk at Wayfarers Unity in Dillard, Ga. Running time 28:56

Our Chapel's Rich History

Joyce Oliver delivers a Sunday Talk on the history of Wayfarers Unity. Running time 28:11

How God Speaks To Us

Garnett Nash shares the many ways God speaks to us during this Sunday Talk. Running time 26:44

What Does Being Free Mean To You

Marie Dunkle shares a stirring Independence Day message at Wayfarers Unity. Running time 14:53

Rauch The Spirit of God

Sunday Talk featuring the Reverend Larry Bergmann. Running time 18:44

Garnett Nash

November 13, 2016 - Running time 29:25

Mary V

October 22, 2016 - Running time 17:38

Acting As If

Reverend Laine Morgan - Running time 27:34

Being Light: 10 Tips for Better Vibrations

Marie Dunkle - Running time 25:48

Legions of Love

Reverend Mark Stein- Running time 21:54


Lisa Ezzard - Running time 11:23

Happiness and Unity

Dee Daley - Running time 15:02


Mary Vaughn - Running time 17:38


O=Omnipresent, O=Original, M=Mindfulness, P=Prayer, A=Action - Garnett Nash - Running time 29:25

Express Your Saltiness

Larry Bergman - Running time 23:22

Three Spiritual Lessons From My Mom

Dee Daley is the feautred speaker of this Sunday Talk at Wayfarers Unity in Dillard, Ga. Running time 17:52

Being A Father Is Not Easy

Father's Day Sunday Talk featuring Dee Daley. Running time 13:33

We Were Made For These Times

Dee Daley - 11:47

"What Is YOUR Intention?"

Brenda Strickland - Running time 14:09